I have worked with PeopleSoft's Global Payroll product since its very first beta release in 2000 . Over the last few years we have provided specialist performance and configuration consultancy on Global Payroll systems in UK, France, Switzerland, Japan and USA. Experiences at a variety customer sites has enabled me to progressively develop the techniques that have been employed, and these have been fed back to all our customers.

31st March 2010 Use of Oracle Plan Stability (Stored Outlines) in PeopleSoft Global Payroll
Generally, it is not easy to use Oracle Plan Stability in conjunction with PeopleSoft.  However, the Global Payroll calculation engine is an exception because it is written in Cobol.  This paper describes the use of Stored Outlines to address performance problems experienced in the PeopleSoft Global Payroll calculation.

Corresponding blog entry: Oracle Plan Stability (Stored Outlines) in PeopleSoft Global Payroll

8th May 2009 Configuring and Operating Streamed Processing in PeopleSoft Global Payroll
This document has been prepared to explain the changes need and the operation of ‘Streamed’ processing in PeopleSoft Global Payroll (GP). It is based on research and experience of GP in a number of sites in the UK, France, Switzerland and Japan. Available as a zip archive including SQL scripts.

Last updates: 8.8.2003 - addition run control build scripts
9.9.2003 - balancing of data volumes across hash sub-partitions

Related Presentation: Configuring Global Payroll for Opimal Performance, gpbuild.sql script also available separately

24th January 2011


Managing Oracle Table Partitioning in PeopleSoft Applications with GFC_PSPART Package
This document is a guide to the PeopleSoft Partitioning utility package GFC_PSPART.  This package dynamically generates the DDL to create and manage partitioned and Global Temporary tables and indexes in PeopleSoft systems based on the meta-data in the PeopleTools tables and additional meta-data that describes the partitioning strategy.  These generated scripts replace the use of the Application Designer to build DDL scripts.

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