PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA (2nd Edition)NEWS: (9.6.2019) The code to generator the PeopleTools table reference is now available on github, and I have updated the version on my website.

(28.10.2017) GFCPSSTATS11 package has been enhanced to preserve statsitics preferences when renaming a table by renaming either in a script generated by Applicaiton Designer or the GFC_PSPART package.

Recent blog postings:

  • Working with AWR: Old Statistics in Current Execution Plans (6.9.2019)
  • Importing and Working with Exported AWR/ASH data in an Oracle database in a VirtualBox VM (24.6.2019)
  • PeopleTools Table Reference (9.6.2019)
  • PS360 enhancement: Added report of DDL models (7.6.2019)
  • PeopleSoft Adminstrator Podcast: #184 – nVision Performance (29.5.2019)
  • (10.10.2017) I have written a series of blogs on PeopleSoft nVision Performance Tuning

    (29.5.2019)I recorded another interview with Dan Iverson and Kyle Benson of   The podcasts are available on, and via my blog. Since they have been kind enough to keep mentioning my book, I'd like to plug their website and podcasts.  Lots of good material on a wide range of PeopleSoft administration subjects.

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