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Manager notification versions

This table holds a version number for each type of cached object defined in the PeopleTools tables. Each time an object is created, updated or deleted, both the global version number (OBJECTTYPENAME=SYS) and the version number that corresponds to the type of object are incremented. The new object version number is written to the updated object. However, if the object is deleted, a row will be written to the deleted object table (where the version number is usually a part of the unique key). The version numbers are stored in the PeopleTools caches, and hence PeopleTools programs can determine whether the object definitions in the cache are up to date by comparing the version numbers.

PeopleSoft Field Name Field Type Column Type Description
OBJECTTYPENAME Character(8) VARCHAR2(8) NOT NULL Object Type Name- Version/Table reference
VERSION Number(10,0) DECIMAL(10) NOT NULL Version. Internal PeopleTools version for controlling caching of object. - Version/Table reference
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