This page will grow to contain a random collection of various bugs, features and quirks within Oracle that I have tripped over. I have lots of things to put up here, but I haven't documented them yet.

Bugs, Quirks, Features, Tips and Hacks

The BQFTH section was introduced at the Unix SIG of the UK Oracle User Group to try to get attendees to present to the meeting.

3rd February 2003

Unicode OddityPresented to UK Oracle User Group Unix SIG
If you run PeopleSoft in Unicode, so that you can support multiple character sets, where there is not a single appropriate code pages, PeopleSoft creates the tables a little differently. This, rather than the additional volume of data, has the potential to have a negative impact on performance. Batch processing is likely to be particularly susceptible.
1stJuly 2003Change OUTLN passwordFrom Urs Messerli, Messerli Datenbanktechnik Gmbh
We all know to change the default SYS and SYSTEM password, but remember to change the default password for the OUTLN schema too, otherwise somebody could obtain DBA privilege to your database!

I also collate the material into an article for the UKOUG Oracle Scene magazine.

Oracle Scene 11

Autum 2002

Bugs, Quirks and Features
SPFiles, Connor McDonald (

Optimiser Oddity, Jonathan Lewis (

Circular Database Links, Neil Jarvis

Multiple DBWR processes on Oracle on NT, David Kurtz

Oracle RDBMS Bugs

Doc Bug1839458db_writer_processes incorrectly listed as not supported on NT
Bug2138662cursor_sharing can crash instance with ORA-7445 [11]
BugTBACreate Global Temporary Table as Select with Unique or Primary Key Constraint. The unique index to support the constraint is not built until a subsequent insert, resulting in a corrupt index.

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