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Process Defn - Panel Transfers

This record is used to set up a information to allow users to transfer to a desired panel from the Process Monitor on successful completion of a process request.

  • Parent record: PRCSDEFN
  • PeopleSoft Field Name Field Type Column Type Description
    PRCSTYPE Character(30) VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Process Type

    Prompt Table: PRCSTYPEDEFN

    PRCSNAME Character(12) VARCHAR2(12) NOT NULL Process Name
    XFERCODE Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL Page Transfer Code
    1=Next Page
    2=Message Log

    Default: 0

    MENUNAME Character(30) VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Menu Name (see PSMENUDEFN).

    Prompt Table: PSMENUDEFN

    BARNAME Character(30) VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Menu Bar Name

    Prompt Table: PRCSBARNAME_VW

    ITEMNUM Number(4,0) SMALLINT NOT NULL Item Number

    Prompt Table: PRCSITEMNUM_VW

    PNLNAME Character(30) VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Page Name (see PSPNLDEFN).

    Prompt Table: PRCSPNLNAME_VW

    MENUACTION Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL Menu Action
    2=Update All

    Default: 1

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