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Approval Transaction Levels

Defines the approval levels the transaction supports. Some application transactions only support Header level.

PeopleSoft Field Name Field Type Column Type Description
PTAFPRCS_ID Character(30) VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Approval Process ID
PTAFLEVEL Number(1,0) SMALLINT NOT NULL Level e.g. Header = 0, Line = 1.
RECNAME Character(15) VARCHAR2(15) NOT NULL Record (Table) Name (see PSRECDEFN).

Prompt Table: PSRECDEFN

FIELDNAME Character(18) VARCHAR2(18) NOT NULL Field Name (see PSDBFIELD).
LABEL_ID Character(18) VARCHAR2(18) NOT NULL LABEL_ID identifies uniquness of DB Field Labels. This field is used in PSDBFLDLABL and PSDBFLDLABLLANG.

Prompt Table: PTAFFLD_LBL_VW

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