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List of displayble feilds

When the search results UI is dynamically generated this list can be used to decide which attributes to show.

  • Parent record: PTSF_SRCHCAT
  • PeopleSoft Field Name Field Type Column Type Description
    PTSF_SRCCAT_NAME Character(65) VARCHAR2(65) NOT NULL Search Category Name (see PSPTSF_SRCCAT).
    PTSF_SRCATTR_NAME Character(65) VARCHAR2(65) NOT NULL Search Attribute (see PSPTSF_ATTRS).

    Prompt Table: PTSF_CAT_ATRSV

    SEQNO Number(5,0) INTEGER NOT NULL Sequence Number
    PTSF_FLD_DISP_TYPE Character(2) VARCHAR2(2) NOT NULL Display Type
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