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Run Control : Tree Utilities

Run Control for Tree Audits & Maintenance Programs

PeopleSoft Field Name Field Type Column Type Description
OPRID Character(30) VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL A user's ID (see PSOPRDEFN).
RUN_CNTL_ID Character(30) VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Run Control ID
ALL_TREES_FLAG Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL All Trees

Y/N Table Edit

Default: N



SETCNTRLVALUE Character(20) VARCHAR2(20) NOT NULL Tree Definition User Key Value

Prompt Table: %EDITTABLE2

TREE_NAME Character(18) VARCHAR2(18) NOT NULL Tree Name

Prompt Table: TM_TREE_NAME_VW

TREE_EFFDT Date(10) DATE Effective date of the Tree

Default: %DATE

Prompt Table: TM_TREE_EFDT_VW

TREE_UTILITY_TYPE Character(2) VARCHAR2(2) NOT NULL Tree Utility
00=Tree Audits
01=Correct Parent Node Numbers
02=Reset Tree Node Gaps
03=Correct Level Numbers
04=Delete Orphan Tree Objects
05=Remove Tree Branches
06=Update Tree Table Statistics
07=Remove Tree Reservations

Default: 00

REPORT_ONLY_FLAG Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL Report Only

Y/N Table Edit

Default: N

ALLOW_SKIP_LEVELS Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL Allow Skip Levels

Y/N Table Edit

Default: N

NODE_AUDIT_FLAG Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL Node Audits

Y/N Table Edit

Default: N

LEAF_AUDIT_FLAG Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL Detail Value Audits

Y/N Table Edit

Default: N

TREE_AUDIT_SCOPE Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL Audit Scope
M=Multiple Trees
S=Single Tree

Default: S

AUDIT_ASOFDATE Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL As of Date Operator
A=All Trees
C=As of Current Date
E=Effective Date of Tree
S=As of Specific Date

Default: E

ASOFDATE Date(10) DATE As of Date

Default: %date

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