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Strings Table Related Lang

  • Related language record for STRINGS_TBL
  • PeopleSoft Field Name Field Type Column Type Description
    PROGRAM_ID Character(8) VARCHAR2(8) NOT NULL Program ID
    STRING_ID Character(18) VARCHAR2(18) NOT NULL String ID
    LANGUAGE_CD Character(3) VARCHAR2(3) NOT NULL Language Code translate values
    STR_LBLTYPE Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL String Source
    2=Field Shortname
    3=Field Longname
    DEFAULT_LABEL Number(1,0) SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT_LABEL identifys default Field Label of DB Field.
    LABEL_ID Character(18) VARCHAR2(18) NOT NULL LABEL_ID identifies uniquness of DB Field Labels. This field is used in PSDBFLDLABL and PSDBFLDLABLLANG.
    STRING_TEXT Character(100) VARCHAR2(100) NOT NULL String Text
    COL_WIDTH Number(3,0) SMALLINT NOT NULL Column Width
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